Resident Board Member Sham Election

Hexagon has just distributed voting forms for the election of a new Resident Board Member. All candidates are now vetted and pre-selected by the Board, whereas any resident used to be able to stand for election. Non-Resident Board Members are not elected by residents.

Resident Board Members do not represent residents, according to Board rules, and the Board refuses to share information used to make decisions about how our money is spent. Board Members will not discuss what goes on in meetings.

Whether the Board performs well or badly, there is currently no way for residents to do much about it, as we are all excluded from attending the Annual General Meetings where Board Members vote themselves back in for another year of paid attendance.

So why would we vote for Resident Board Member candidates?

One thought on “Resident Board Member Sham Election

  1. Sally July 10, 2021 / 00:21

    What is hexagon housing doing about the unsafe cladding on their properties?
    An: It is doing absolutely nothing! We are living in fire traps and are stuck!


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